FAQs - NISHTHA 1.0 (Elementary Level)

Question 1: How is NISHTHA mega-training programme different from other training programmes?

Answer. The NISHTHA mega-training programme is different from other training programmes in terms of its objectives, vision as well as the whole format of execution. The objectives of NISHTHA mega-training programme are:

A. To equip all the elementary stage teachers on learning outcomes, school based assessment, learner –centred pedagogy, new initiatives in education and addressing diverse needs of children through multiple pedagogies, etc.

B. To monitor and provide extensive support to the teachers using multiple modes up to the classroom level, in view of improving learning outcomes of the students.

C. To orient state functionaries and school principlas on learning outcomes, national achievement survey, learner- centred pedagogy and new initiatives in school education so that they are able to monitor schools and extend support to schools for the implementation of new initiatives.

Question 2: Who all will be covered in NISHTHA mega- training and how will it benefit the elementary school education?

Answer: This training programmes will be conducted for teachers, school principals, SMCs and state/district/block/cluster level functionaries and the programme will benefit the elementary school education through following ways:

I. All the teachers, principals, block resource coordinators, cluster resource coordinators working at the elementary stage will be covered for training on learner-centred pedagogy, learning outcomes, improving social personal qualities of children, school based assessment, new initiatives, school safety and security and pedagogies of different subjects, etc.

II.Similarly all the faculty members of DIETs, SCERTs, IASEs. CTEs, etc. will be covered for training on learner- centred pedagogy, learning outcomes, improving social personal qualities of children, school based assessment, new initiatives and pedagogies of different subjects, etc.

Question 3: What will be the monitoring and support mechanism provided in NISHTHA mega- training?

Answer: An integrated monitoring and support mechanisms involving BRCs, CRCs, NGOs, KVs, NVs and CBSE schools will be set up at each stage to see whether the interventions provided during the training programme reach to classroom level.

Question 4: Who all will be National Resource Person (NRP)?

Answer: Educationists, Subject-Experts and Teacher Educators drawn from National level Institutions such as NCERT, NIEPA, etc.

Question 5: Who all will be Key Resource Person (KRP)?

Answer: Faculty members of SCERTs, DIETs, IASEs, CTEs and Teachers from Senior Secondary Schools identified by the states/UTs for building their capacities by the National Resource Persons.

Question 6: What will be the modalities of transaction of NISHTHA mega training programme?

Answer: This programme will be conducted in customized cascade mode, in which National Resource Group of Experts will train Key Resource Persons (identified by the state/ UT for further teacher training) and State Resource Persons (identified by the state/ UT for further training of school principals and other functionaries). These KRPs and SRPs will directly train teachers and school principals. Master trainer's layer will be not be there in between. This will help in reducing the high percentage of communication loss which existed earlier, due to many layers.

Question 7: How to update profile details on NISHTHA portal?

Answer: Profile details on NISHTHA portal can be updated by following the steps given below:

i. Login into the portal using credentials-
Username: <your email id>
Password: Password@123

ii. You will be promoted to Change password on first time login

iii. After changing password click on your username at top right corner and then click on Edit profile menu

iv. Update the fields in the form and then click Update profile button to save the changes

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