Terms & Conditions

NISHTHA portal is developed, monitor and maintained by CIET, NCERT. All care has been taken to make this portal user friendly, to the point and factually correct resources mapped. This should not be contested and used for legal context. If any difficulty, confusion, query, suggestions are to be given you are requested to cross check the contents with NCERT or seek any other expert advice. 
In any case NCERT will not be responsible to bear any cost, personal loss, directly or indirectly.
The rules and regulations shall be followed  as per the Indian penal code. Legal hassles if any shall be resolved under the jurisdiction of the Indian court located in Delhi. 
Their are many resources provided on this NISHTHA site including hypertext links, pointers to information designed or developed and managed by various NGO/corporate/civil society agencies and individuals. NCERT is giving such links and indications purely for your help and use. If you use a web resource outside NISHTHA portal . You are going beyond NCERT domain and this is coming under the purview to the privacy & security policies of the agencies /vendors/outside NCERT domain. NCERT will not be responsible for permanent availability of these resource links through out. NCERT do not advise and give right to the resources available in the URL of websites. All Teachers/Principals/ BRCs/CRCs and others stakeholders are requested to further request the owner of the portal link given. NCERT will not be responsible and not give guaranty that URL of the portal comply with GIGW Guidelines for web portals.
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